Thursday, 16 January 2014

A Win-Win Strategy With CNC Technology In Different Types Of Lathe Machines

 Competition has certainly gripped the mechanical industry into its folds in recent times. The support of technology in the form of CNC machines has been a great revolution which has completely changed the outlook of the market. Using computerized versions for attaining precise machining has been accepted and recognized by one and all. This gives one the opportunity to lure the customers with beneficial products and stay ahead in the competitive market arena. 

The lathe machines using CNC techniques have been the most widely utilized forms that are widely exploited by the mechanical sector and is in high demand.

Lathe machines with improvised CNC technology

     Machining is a basic requirement in the mechanical industry which is improving rapidly with time. Lathe machines are reckoned as one of the most vital equipments in this domain which assist in shaping a specific object in assorted manner in the likes of drilling, cutting, sanding and shearing amongst other functionality. In today’s era, the computer controlled lathe machines are able to come up with the desired products having assorted shapes and dimensions as per the customer specifications and requirements. With such functional ability the manufacturers are now able to operate the machines by simply using the computerized options and imply them as per their own requirements.

Beneficial aspects      The computerized numerical Control or the CNC lathe machines utilize the latest and advanced concepts which have made machining to be effective and easily monitored. Besides this the other lucrative benefits include:
  • High accuracy
  • Better smoothness
  • Less time required
  • Flawless operations
  • Increased specification options
  • Increased performance
 Variety of CNC Lathe machines

     Lathe machines are available in different forms depending on the type of use and the application areas. Shaping metals, woods, glasses and plastics in different forms as per the requirements have become easier. The lathe equipments using such modern technology are of two types:

  • Flat bed lathe: This type of lathe equipments is manufactured in a way in which the lathe bed is arranged in a flat position wherein the desired material to be machined is placed appropriately. Such an arrangement and the machine features enable the companies to handle the designing of light and heavy machining processes in varied ways .
  • Slant bed lathe: With this type of equipments, the lathe bed is arranged in a slant alignment. Such techniques are used in straight movement machining which maintains the accuracy throughout. The lathes of this type have the capability to machine heavy loads.
 Choosing the one that is better

  • Slant bed lathes are preferred for attaining Z axis movement during the machining process whereas the flat bed lathes are used to obtain the perfection of rigid materials by placing them in appropriate flat positions
  • Slant bed lathes supports only lighter materials whereas the flat bed lathes are exploited for handling both light and heavy materials
  • Flat bed lathes require skilled support for better functioning whereas the slant bed lathes can be functioned effectively which offers better accessing and machining
  • The CNC flat bed lathes are more reliable than the slant bed types in terms of high productivity, machining, stability as well as low power consumption
Application areas of CNC Lathe machines

     Both the flat bed lathes and the slant bed lathes are being utilized in diverse industries to manufacture precise machines. Shaping materials for various purposes like the metal spinning, metal turning, watch making and others are some functionality which these CNC lathe machines carry out in a precise manner thereby attracting a huge customer base in the global sector. The most demanding industries are:

  • Automotive industry
  • Power plants
  • Shipping industry
  • Machinery industry
  • Mining
  • Industrial workshops
      Increased production and better maintenance with high precision accuracy has been made possible with the introduction of CNC techniques in the mechanical industry which has offered the companies to make the most of these benefits. The different forms of lathe machines with CNC options have definitely added an extra advantage in the machining process.


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