Monday, 4 August 2014

Different CNC machines types used by companies in India- An overview

CNC machines are major attraction for industrial clients that do not require any human assistance during fabricating turned components for different industries. CNC or Computer Numerical Control machines allow units to manufacture auto parts, machinery components, and other tools quickly in a precision manner.

Manufacturers produce various CNC machines for India based clients ranging from drill to plasma cutter to fabricate vast range of industrial equipments. There is a G-code used to program any CNC unit. It contains data related to apt position of machine components and conveys information about the perfect location for placing a tool.

Few commonly used CNC machines in India:·
  • Milling Machine
  • CNC Routers
  • Drilling Machine
  • Laser cutting machine
  • Swaging machine
  • Power press
  • Arbour press
  • Bending roller
Milling Machine is used for removing extra material from a product and shaping it into finished good. Solid products manufacturing units are relying on this machine for complicated cutting operations like drilling, threading, rabbeting, slot cutting to routing.

Drilling machines are meant for boring holes and gaps in the objects. These machineries are capable in drilling tunnels and holes into the earth (vertically or horizontally). 

CNC router machine are used for carrying out large scale production and some units in India use this CNC machine type for cutting metal sheets, plastic and wood. 

Laser cutting machine assists professionals in laying out patterns in plastic, wood and metal in a precise manner without any manual assistance. It’s a computer based machine that perform automatically as per the programming.

Swaging machine is used for altering the cylindrical or metal sheets dimensions. This machine required human assistance. It is also used for machining containers like water buckets, tins, or swaging drums.

Power press CNC machine is used for applications that requiring intense pressure for pressing, cutting, bending and fabricating sheet metals in various sizes and designs. This CNC machine is truly intended India based manufacturers for handling metal working operations.

All these CNC type machineries are designed for distinct purposes and are available at competitive rates in Indian market.


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